Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Qistina Enara

Hi readers!! today, i will tell you about the lucky girl named Qistina Enara. Possible for the enchancer  already know who she is. She is a very lucky girl to meet Greyson Chance. She not only meet, she get talked with greyson! Shewas sweet girl. She met Greyson almost for 4 times maybe more than 4.! She have four greyson's album.. three of them were sign by greyson directly! lucky you are.. all the enchancers (including me) are very jealous of you.. (honestly)..
i have never met greyson.. but she?? almost 4 times.. just imagine four times to meet greyson.. okay now, i will show you her photos.. Check this outt! (adopted from : )

thanks 4 following me back Tina.. ! :D

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